Semi-Permanent Lips


Beautiful fuller and defined lips that last.

Carolyn has exceptional experience with semi permanent lip treatments, she can create a subtle lip liner, lip liner with a blush of colour or a full lip colour with or without 3D contouring, for that perfect filler free pout.

Carolyn’s lip treatments can correct symmetry, enhance shape, restore fullness, replace colour lost by cold sores or just release you from applying and reapplying lip liners and lipstick every day.

With the finest micro-pigments available in subtle nude shades right through to pillar box red, I can create a bespoke look especially for you. Then after your semi-permanent lip treatment, you can drink, eat & party without spoiling the fabulous look of your lips. Step aside Angelina Jolie, there are some new lips in town.

Call Carolyn Ryan on 01274 530939 to book in for your lip treatment today.


Click on the images below to see Carolyn’s before and after portfolio on lips.

permanent lips

Other Treatments

Other treatments offered include eyelash enhancements, beauty marks. Carolyn also carries out the correction of other artist’s work.

Permanent Makeup is expertly tailored to suit people with busy lifestyles, people who want to look their best all of the time, but don’t have the time to apply conventional make-up. People who work out or swim regularly and don’t want to worry about make-up coming off and them having to reapply. People who find it difficult to apply make-up due to their eyesight, allergies, sensitive skin or other medical conditions. Subtle to defined, understated to glamorous, there are lots of fabulous treatment options available.

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