Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Stunning Brows By Carolyn Ryan

Have perfect eyebrows everyday – with my new advanced permanent make up brow techniques.

The procedures on offer are natural semi-permanent 3D hair-stroke eyebrows, for over plucked, low or sparser brows. Carolyn can expertly lift your brows, giving you a younger, fresher look, without the need for a surgical brow lift.

HD look brows, which will last years, rather than weeks. Hi-lighted brows for blonde haired clients. Treatments for scar coverage, alopecia, or people undergoing medical treatment for cancer and other illness’ associated with hair loss. Carolyn also performs semi-permanent eyebrow procedures for men.

Eyebrows are so in Vogue at the moment, as seen on A list celebrities such as Megan Fox & Cara Delevingne. With a perfect set of Semi Permanent Eyebrows created by Carolyn just for you, you can be the envy of your friends and wave goodbye to your eyebrow pencils.

Carolyn carefully measures your face, then applies a numbing cream so you feel no discomfort during the process. She then helps you choose the most flattering, style shape & colour for your face. There is no need to shave off or remove your existing brows. To create your perfect eyebrows, she uses a very fine delicate needle to apply individual hair strokes onto your brow, to create the fabulous illusion of real hairs.

Call or Text Carolyn Ryan on 07544 998999 to book in for your eyebrow treatment today.


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