Semi-Permanent Make-up


What is Permanent Make-up?

Permanent make-up is a form of cosmetic tattooing. Carolyn is Elite Trained with Nouveau Contour and is a true expert in her field with over 12 years experience in cosmetic tattooing.

Step By Step Procedure

  • A £25 deposit is taken to book your date, & is redeemable against your treatment. It is to secure the first date you choose and is non refundable. This may be paid by bank deposit, xfer or paypal.
  • You arrive at your appointment where Carolyn carries out an extremely thorough consultation. Including assessing your face shape, measuring, then choosing the most flattering colours and styles which will best suit your overall look.
  • Numbing cream is applied, consultation forms are completed, and then Carolyn will begin your procedure.
  • Carolyn carefully implants pigment using various different shades, into the upper dermal layer of your skin to achieve your bespoke look.  NB Carolyn never begins a permanent makeup procedure until you are both agreed and 100% happy to go ahead.
  • After your permanent make up treatment you leave with soothing sterile healing balm, brushes and comprehensive aftercare instructions on how to look after your semi permanent makeup.

If you do not follow your aftercare instructions fully & there is unsatisfactory pigment retention due to exposure to water during healing, sun exposure, (UV) rays or other contradictions. You will be charged an additional £50 for a re-touch within the first 3 months, which will go towards the cost of the products needed for the additional treatment.

Safe, Sterile and High Quality

My system is designed “Safe by Design” by the Health and Safety Executive. I adhere to the cleaning and sterilisation of my equipment, so there is no risk of transmitting blood borne viruses between clients. Not all equipment is legal, so beware of cheap alternatives.

With Carolyn Ryan as the Director of her bespoke permanent makeup clinic, she has the unique ability to offer a genuine, confidential one to one service, in an extremely relaxing and private environment.

Carolyn offers a variety of pain free treatments which include: semi permanent make-up correctional treatments such as laser removal of poor quality work, and procedures that give one a younger look, such as a brow lifts, eye enhancements, and lip rejuvenation. Carolyn is extensively experienced with treating clients that have suffered with alopecia or clients that are under going cancer treatment.  Exceptional references from delighted clients are readily available.

Each treatment takes approximately 3 hours. Semi permanent makeup can last several years, but exposure to sunlight causes the area treated to fade, longevity is dependent on the daily use of a Sun Protection Factor.

Annual perfecting colour boost re-touches are available are available at a cost of £125 annually or £149 thereafter.


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