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About Carolyn

Welcome to Carolyn Ryan’s website, I hope you enjoy your visit.

Carolyn Ryan is one of the UK’s most talented, yet affordable permanent make up artists. Elite trained by the world renowned Nouveau Contour Academy in 2003.  Her stunning bespoke make-up enables you to look beautiful bare faced, from first thing in the morning, to last thing at night. Carolyn’s fascinating eye for detail, steady hand, and prestigous qualifications in art, make her your obvious first choice for all your PMU requirements.

With all her treatments carried out using the highest quality pharmaceutical grade micro-pigments and most advanced Digital Intelligent Permanent Cosmetics Systems.

Carolyn works exclusively from her own clinic, meaning that her hygiene standards are never compromised, my procedures are sterile, and the highest standards of hygiene are adhered to. My treatment room is soley for the purpose of tattooing, with seperate wash room facilities as you would expect from any reputable clinic, no pets or under 18’s permitted on the tattoing premises. Carolyn is insured to perform micropigmentation with Holistic Insurance Services plus fully regulated and licensed to tattoo with Bradford Council Environmental Health Department. Carolyn’s premises were chosen by EH to trial new more thorough hygiene testing, after which she recieved her report – proudly passing with flying colours. As Carolyn is always at her clinic, this enables her to be constantly available to her clients as and when they need her, rather than inconviently only seeing your artist every few months when they visit a salon, and sometimes the artist dissapearing completely.

Training and Success

Carolyn has gained multiple certificates of achievement, including “all round training in permanent cosmetics” and “advanced permanent make-up colour theory.” Carolyn is passionate about keeping up to date with the most advanced semi permanent make up practices, and updates her skills several times annually. In 2013 Carolyn travelled to meet & work with Alina Solovena, Nataliya Yeremenko & Anna Savina three of the most accomplished permanent make-up masters in the world from Russia & Estonia. She completed a master class with each of them, and is now also certified to carry out advanced semi-permanent make-up procedures, including Advanced 3D Hair stroke brow work, Advanced Eyeliner (with shading) and 3D Lip Contouring. In 2014 she has had advanced days working with Karen Betts, had a further master class with Russian master Alina Solovena, and most recently in August Carolyn spent two day with Claire Hobson & America’s finest artist & master technician Mary Richerson.  Finally Carolyn will be travelling to Rome in late September to teach, and also learn additional methods of cosmetic tattooing.


Carolyn’s amazing success in her industry is due to her absolute love of her work, plus her dedication to her profession and clients. Please make the necessary checks before letting someone tattoo your beautiful face. Get a recommendation from someone who has had a treatment from them. Ask when they trained, ask to see their training certificates, research the company they trained with, make sure they are using the safe by design digital machine and pigments fulfilling regulations for tattooing make-up in the EU. Ensure they are practising from premises that are council licensed, ask to see their licensing certificate.  If you’re not happy – walk away. Carolyn is inundated with pleas at the moment, from people who have been tattooed elsewhere, and now have block Navy or Orange brows, that are unsymmetrical and unflattering to say the least. Attending one of these budget fast track courses in SPMU does not guarentee the person qualified will do an excellent job for you. The very best training, plus natural artistic ability are paramount to be the best in this industry.  Pay cheap – pay twice.


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